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About Us

Passion in Every Scoop

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, is that ice cream makes everything better! Since November, 2021, we’ve been striving to show Lacey just how true that phrase is.

People turn to our Ice Cream Store for the most delicious and beautiful creamy creations.

We start with ice cream base sourced from reputable dairy supplier, free from corn syrup, made with cane sugar.

High quality vanilla from Lochhead vanilla, a three generation US company.

Homemade chocolate made with well known, high quality Ghirardelli Cocoa.

Along with real fruit, high quality candies, cookies, and nuts. 

Come to Sunshine Scoop Ice Cream when planning a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy. For events, for special occasions, or for a little bit of ice cream love, Sunshine Scoop Ice Cream is HERE!


Delicious Partnerships



Manufacturing quality dairy mixes is all that we do, and for 50 years we have strived to be the best. Whether it’s ice cream, frozen custard or unparalleled soft-serve, Meadowvale aims to be the cornerstone of every one of its clients’ businesses, focusing on two critical elements to making the best: quality ingredients and the skill to combine them to make something great. For five decades we have focused on this simple principle.



Ghirardelli Makes Life a Bite Better.

Our purpose gives our company meaning and inspires everything we do.  We collaborate, innovate, and grow together as we bring the joy of Ghirardelli chocolate to new people and new places. All of us take great pride in our welcoming and vibrant culture and in the personal impact we make on our business and in our communities.


Mami's Gelato

 At Mami’s Gelato, we believe it's good to be aware of and open to the possibility that it may not be just vegans who opt for dairy-free options; rather, it could be anybody at any time who may be curious or in the mood for a plant-based choice. We believe in serving a truly refreshing treat that anybody can enjoy.

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